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Dragsbæk is a Danish manufacturer of special fats for the baking industry. We follow a proud tradition for margarine in Denmark, and over almost a hundred years we have developed a wide range of quality products where function is vital.

Dragsbæk has its own internal specialists with expertise in the bakery industry, so we are stimulating partners for developing ideas. Working together, we can map out your specific problem to enable us to develop an individually adapted solution. Among other things, our development section can help by fine-tuning products to match your exact needs.

Today, we supply bakeries and industrial customers in more than 25 countries.



The products in our wide assortment have been developed and tested in our own bakery, which ensures optimum function in all baking processes and recipes.

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Dragsbæk Premium - Butter and melange products


  • Puff pastry margarine
    Dragsbæk Puff pastry margarine is a soft margarine, which is perfect for all types of cakes, creams and fillings.
  • cake margarine
    Dragsbæk cake margarine is the perfect choice for butter for laminated doughs.
  • Puff pastry butter
    Dragsbæk Puff Pastry Butter is the ideal choice of butter for all kinds of laminated dough.
  • Melange
    Mélange is the term used for the mixture of vegetable oils and butter. A great alternative for retaining the taste of butter.
  • E-free
    Margarine doesn't contain many E-numbers, but if your baked goods need to be COMPLETELY E-FREE, then here's the solution.
  • Liquid bread improver
    Liquid bread improver is an improving agent that increases shelf-life, flavour and softness in burger buns, hotdog rolls and French sticks.
  • Liquid margarine
    The ideal solution as dough fat or for stir cakes.
  • Shortnings and frying oil
    Dragsbæk Shortnings and frying oil are used in biscuits, as deep fat and as dough fat.
  • Ready to use products
    Finished butter creams, spray fat, disposable piping bags and rubber spatulas.

Dragsbæk A/S, headquartered in Thisted, is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of food products for consumers and professionals both in Denmark and abroad.