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Dragsbæk Liquid Margarine is ideal as a dough fat as well as for cake batter – however, liquid margarines are not suitable for use in products that require high volume. 

Dragsbæk’s liquid margarine solutions are either 100% rapeseed oil-based or solutions in which rapeseed oil is the primary ingredient. This means that the products feature a low saturated fat content.

Our Liquid Margarine is also an economic solution, as the product has a higher fat content than solid margarines and therefore requires a lower dosage. At the same time, it is a product that is much easier to handle and dose than block margarine. We primarily provide industrial solutions within this product group, and we deliver the liquid margarine directly to the customer’s tank. However, it is also possible to order Dragsbæk Liquid Margarine in 10-litre containers for use in bakeries, for example.

Dragsbæk A/S, headquartered in Thisted, is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of food products for consumers and professionals both in Denmark and abroad.