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Flyt-X is a liquid bread improver for yeast dough. Flyt-X consists of a rapeseed oil to which has been added a number of carefully selected enzymes, lending the bread an excellent volume and a soft, dense crumb while ensuring that the bread keeps fresh for a long time. 

The added enzymes maintain the elasticity and reduce the ageing process of the bread. We formulate our bread improvers in the individual products exactly according to what they should be able to do. We have six different Flyt-X varieties with formulations that are carefully adapted and targeted to provide the perfect finished product in the selected category. 

Flyt-X is an excellent solution if you are looking for a bread improver that can give baked goods an extended shelf life, good baking performance, a crunchy crust, a uniform crumb texture and a good mouthfeel. 

In terms of cost-in-use, Flyt-X is also a more affordable solution than similar bread improvers in powder form. On the one hand, Flyt-X requires a lower dosage and, on the other, it creates a faster production workflow. With its liquid consistency, Flyt-X is much easier to dose, and it also shortens machine time in that Flyt-X is oil-based and thus easier and quicker to incorporate into the dough. Last but not least, Flyt-X contributes to a better working environment, with staff avoiding exposure to the powder dust that accompanies traditional baking aids.

Flyt-X is exclusively rapeseed oil-based and thus contains no hydrogenated oils, just as the product contains only the two additives (E471 and E330) usually found in bread.

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