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Dragsbæk Cake Margarine is the perfect choice when there is a need for a margarine that can quickly be mixed into the dough. Our cake margarines are suited for use in everything from cake batter and bread dough to creams and fillings.

Dragsbæk Cake Margarine is a soft margarine with a unique oil blend that ensures good stability, so the air bubbles do not collapse during baking but are maintained to achieve a nice, uniform crumb structure and a balanced volume.

Our Cake Margarine is also very suitable for use as a cream filling in layer cakes or as Danish pastry filling, as the high stability of the product ensures that the filling does not spill out. For this purpose, we especially recommend our cream margarines, which are specially formulated to have high whipping capacity for maximum volume yields.

Dragsbæk A/S, headquartered in Thisted, is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of food products for consumers and professionals both in Denmark and abroad.