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Dragsbæk Puff Pastry Margarine is used for rolled doughs such as croissants, Danish pastries and puff pastry. In addition to being a vegetable margarine free from trans fatty acids and hydrogenated oils, our Puff Pastry Margarine boasts a number of advantageous properties that make it ideal for all kinds of rolled dough.

Dragsbæk Puff Pastry Margarine features a high plasticity. It can be stretched without breaking and folds into beautiful layers with uniform lamination structure. At the same time, the margarine provides high volume to ensure excellent lift in the baking.
With Dragsbæk Puff Pastry Margarine, the baked goods also achieve superior mouthfeel where the finished product is neither too sticky nor too dry. The melting point of our puff pastry margarine is precisely tailored to the product’s use, but also to the specific wishes of our customers and markets. However, our customised solutions are not only tailored to product characteristics and functionality, but also in terms of elements such as flavour, acidity, and more.

Dragsbæk’s puff pastry margarines have a good temperature tolerance as we can supply margarines within a wide temperature range. We can thus supply puff pastry margarines within the entire tolerance range from 4°C up to 25°C. All solutions are customised, so we make sure that our customers get precisely the solution that best suits their individual wishes and requirements.

Dragsbæk A/S, headquartered in Thisted, is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of food products for consumers and professionals both in Denmark and abroad.