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Dragsbæk manufactures and markets high-profile branded products. We have made a virtue of this since 1923.

Our well-established brands in butter, blend products, margarine and fat have been developed on the basis of our years of experience and are manufactured at Dragsbæk’s own facilities in Denmark. This means that we ourselves guarantee the products’ high quality, functionality – and especially their great taste.

Our employees have extensive expertise in their fields and our internal processes and business processes are optimally interconnected. This makes us a flexible business partner. With Dragsbæk as a partner, delivery reliability is a certainty. We understand the importance of receiving the right quantities, delivered to the right place, in a timely manner.

Dragsbæk continuously develops new, exciting and innovative products and is in regular close dialogue with the retail industry to ensure sales success for both established and new products.

We maintain a presence in the stores and will take new directions to create differentiated solutions tailored to the individual store/chain.

Dragsbaek brands


Dragsbæk represents knowledge, experience and in-depth raw material and product expertise. We can provide targeted and flexible individual Private Label solutions.

As a Danish maker of margarines, fats and spreadable blend products, we provide high-quality Private Label products for most supermarket chains on the Danish market – and also for a wide range of international chains.

We believe that a supermarket chain’s Private Label is its ‘house wine’. And we believe that the quality of a chain's private label products affects the consumer’s perception of the overall quality level of the chain.  

All Private Labels supplied by Dragsbæk are developed and produced in Denmark at Dragsbæk’s own production facilities. We have several facilities, which allows for the products to be adapted individually, such as in terms of content and packaging.


Dragsbæk A/S, headquartered in Thisted, is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of food products for consumers and professionals both in Denmark and abroad.