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At Dragsbæk, safety and quality are musts.

We attach great importance to the food safety of the products we produce. And at the same time, products must be of high quality.

All raw materials are inspected upon arrival and there is continuous extensive quality control throughout the production process. The inspection concludes with a final quality inspection of the finished products before they leave Dragsbæk’s facilities.

Dragsbæk has achieved a top certification (Grade A) from the British Retail Consortium, which has a standard widely used by retailers and suppliers globally. The standard is an internationally recognised stamp of quality.

Dragsbæk uses HACCP, which is an internationally used management tool for food safety management. HACCP is a method whereby risk factors which may harm the consumer are identified, assessed and controlled. The quality system applies to all products and processes at Dragsbæk.


At Dragsbæk we strive to continuously accommodate both the external environment and the working environment.

It is therefore important for us that the production of raw materials should be carried out in the most environmentally sound way possible.



Palm oil is the most used vegetable oil and is widely used by food producers all over the world. In the margarine and fat industry, palm oil is used primarily to bring the products to the right texture, which makes them easy to use for our customers.

Dragsbæk wants to take an active responsibility for the sustainable development of vulnerable raw materials. As early as 2007, we became actively involved in the international cooperation in Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), which works to promote the sustainable production of palm oil. Dragsbæk is certified by RSPO for the use and sale of RSPO-certified oils and margarines, and certificates are purchased for all the palm oil that goes into our branded products such as Bakkedal and AMA. We can therefore offer all our customers products based exclusively on RSPO-certified oils. Dragsbæk continuously allocates resources to inform our customers about sustainable palm oil and promote the use of RSPO-certified oil. View the certificate here.



Production at Dragsbæk does not impose particular strain on the external environment. We use energy and water in our production, and we discharge wastewater, which is handled responsibly. Naturally, we constantly strive to use as little energy and water as possible. It’s good for the environment – and it’s also good business. Finally, we believe that a good working environment, both physically and mentally, is of the utmost importance. Our initiatives include automating monotonous workflows and heavy lifting wherever possible. View the RSPO certificate

Dragsbæk A/S, headquartered in Thisted, is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of food products for consumers and professionals both in Denmark and abroad.